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About Freshwater Pearls

I founded Long River Pearls out of a life long love of pearls. The first act of my working career was nursing, for 30 years. Then in 2009 I was living in Beijing and ready for a career change. It was the perfect spot to perfect my knowledge about what I had always loved, pearls! Over 3 years I learned the pearl business and jewelry design. Long River Pearls was born!

The beauty of freshwater pearls is unmatched in nature, their shapes, sizes, colors and amazing luster. I use all the unique beauty freshwater pearls offer to create my jewelry. If this is a gift for another or yourself I am sure you will find something that will excite and please. Pearls are timeless, classic. 


Important to me and my business

- Your satisfaction. 

- Our jewelry and business practices are good for the environment, sustainable. 

- Our business supports non-profits to make the world a better place. 

More about what is important to me and my business

If you are not satisfied I will happily and quickly refund or replace your purchase. 

Pearls grow in nature. They help keep rivers and lakes clean. They are sustainable and renewable. 

Since my start, 2009, Long River Pearls has contributed $67,941.59 to non-profits. When you purchase Long River Pearls you are too. 

To learn more about how I work with charities go to my blog or instagram. Contact me to find out ways you can support charities through Long River Pearls. 

I am a women owned business. I work with other women owned businesses to support their work. 

Be Beautiful Inside and Out

Carol Lauber 

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